Better Health Through CommUNITY!

Active2Day, Healthy4Life is a health initiative engaging the communities of Comal and Guadalupe counties in promoting physical activity, healthy eating and stopping tobacco usage. Our goal is to reduce and prevent obesity and create a healthy environment where the residents of Guadalupe and Comal counties can have easy access to preventive services, easier access to places where they can engage in physical activity, healthy eating and a smoke-free living environment.

We’re working with schools, churches, businesses and the community to reduce obvious barriers to health services, physical activity, and healthy eating. Such initiatives include connecting bike routes and trails, as well as, providing safe routes to schools, and providing the resources needed to shop, cook, and eat healthy. In addition, our strategies include working with communities to adopt strong, clean indoor air “smokingfree” ordinances, in efforts to reduce the danger of second-hand smoke.

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